Quo Vadis?

She is a hostage
raised by Pomponia Graecina.

- And she has come to visit you?
- She's been moved to the palace.

By whose order?
You prefer to live here?
That is not my choice.
l am to be offered to Vinicius.

- Like a slave.
- So Caesar

- promised you to Vinicius?
- Yes, my lady.

Plead for me, send me back.
You have my word...
that you shall become Vinicius'
slave tonight.

- And if the plan fails?
- Pray to your God for help.

Greetings from Marcus Vinicius.
He is waiting at his house
decorated in green.

l am going.
Yesterday you were drunk
and acted like a mason.

Promise her,
be it even in Hades' name,

that she'll go back to Pomponia,
but persuade her to stay.

lt's been five years l've been
treating Chrysothemis like this,
and can't say she's cruel.