Quo Vadis?

Greetings from Marcus Vinicius.
He is waiting at his house
decorated in green.

l am going.
Yesterday you were drunk
and acted like a mason.

Promise her,
be it even in Hades' name,

that she'll go back to Pomponia,
but persuade her to stay.

lt's been five years l've been
treating Chrysothemis like this,
and can't say she's cruel.

lt's time they were here!
He's ready to run out
and miss them halfway.

They should be here!
- Oh, my lord!
- Have mercy!

- Where's Lygia?
- We fought...

- Where is she?
- See the blood...

- Where?!
- We defended her...

- Have mercy!
- Everyone is to be flogged!

A hundred lashes!
lf you want to see raw flesh,
l'll buy a butcher's shop for you.

Acte, avoid misfortune
by telling the truth.

- Caesar has her?
- l swear,

she is not in the Palace.
Nero is at his sick child's crib.
- So the Auluses took her back?
- Lygia's will has been done.