Quo Vadis?

lt's time they were here!
He's ready to run out
and miss them halfway.

They should be here!
- Oh, my lord!
- Have mercy!

- Where's Lygia?
- We fought...

- Where is she?
- See the blood...

- Where?!
- We defended her...

- Have mercy!
- Everyone is to be flogged!

A hundred lashes!
lf you want to see raw flesh,
l'll buy a butcher's shop for you.

Acte, avoid misfortune
by telling the truth.

- Caesar has her?
- l swear,

she is not in the Palace.
Nero is at his sick child's crib.
- So the Auluses took her back?
- Lygia's will has been done.

- You knew she planned to escape?
- She didn't want to be your concubine.

- As if you hadn't been one.
- But l was a slave before.

Lygia is a gift from Ceasar,
l don't care about her past!

She will be my concubine.
l'll have her flogged.

And when she bores me,
l'll give her to a slave.

We met Poppaea with little Augusta
carried by a Negress.

Soon the child fell ill and the nanny
accused Lygia of having cast a spell.

lf the child gets well,
they'll forget. Otherwise...

Poppaea will accuse Lygia
and no one will save her.

Perhaps she has bewitched me, too?
Marcus, don't speak of her to Caesar,
until his child gets well,

or you'll bring Poppaea's vengeance
upon her.