Quo Vadis?

a reader of people's fates,
a teller of fortunes.

- Has he told yours?
- Yes, master.

- What is in store for you?
- Suffering...

and greatjoy.
You suffered yesterday,
so joy might be near.

lt's already mine, master.
- What do you mean?
- l am staying here.

Hail, divine Theristes.
How are the lumps
Ulysses gave you at Troy?

Oh noble lord,
the wisest of the dead, Ulysses,

asks me to greet
the wisest of the living,

who will cover the lumps
with a new cloak.

An answer worthy of a cloak.
Do you know what we want?
Of course.
Two great households

and half of Rome
talk of nothing else.

A maiden called Lygia,
or Callina, disappeared.

- l shall find her.
- By what means?

You possess the means,
l, the brains.

You'll die,
if you're deceiving me for gain.

l am a philosopher, my lord,
and as such cannot crave profits,

- especially such generous ones.
- Which school do you represent?

l am a Cynic,
for my cloak is full of holes,

a Stoic, for l accept my poverty,
and a Peripatetic,

for, not having a litter,
l walk from inn to inn

and teach for a full jar.
Thus becoming a Rhetor.
Heraclitus said, ''Everything flows''.
And is wine isn't a solid, is it?

When will you start?
l already have. l am searching
by answering your kind questions.

- Have you any experience?
- Virtue and wisdom sell cheaply,