Quo Vadis?

but pray,
let this treasure not perish.

You are the only one
to have thought of that...
the only one, Petronius!

The only one!
Go to Antium, the place
of her birth.
There you will find

joy and comfort.
l shall go.
l shall write an hymn
in her honour.

And l shall compose music.
Say the following words in Greek:
''Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour''.

Now let the first letters
of each word form a new word.

''A fish''.
A fish.
- You are sure she drew a fish?
- lf it were a bird, l'd have said so.

She is a Christian!
Lygia poisons wells, kills children,
and indulges in lust?

Oh, no, no... No. Unless
we are wrong about the Christians.

You speak like Socrates himself.
Three years ago,

l met a certain doctor
named Glaucus, a Christian,

and a good and virtuous man.
Did that virtuous man teach you
the meaning of the fish emblem?

Alas, no. Someone stabbed him
and his family fell victim

to slave merchants. l lost
two fingers trying to defend them.

But Christians perform miracles,
so l hope they will grow back.
- You've become a Christian?
- Yesterday.

l also made a vow to Mercury,
that if he leads me to the maiden,
he shall get two two cows