Quo Vadis?

for l won't budge,
unless you carry me out...

We never use force.
Let me... catch my breath...
Croton was due
in Beneventum today.

There were no witnesses,
just a certain Greek. Find him,

and l shall silence him.
l'll write home, saying
l have gone to Beneventum.

lf the Greek has notified the prefect,
l'll say l killed Croton myself.

Stay here at no risk.
ln that case Glaucus and the widow
will care for you.

Old man... do you fear
l could send for my slaves
and carry Lygia off?

l do.
l shall talk to Chilo
and write home in your presence.

l cannot find other messengers.
Consider that.

And if Lygia leaves,
l'll pull off the dressings
and shan't eat or drink...

and you'll be blamed
for my death...

you and your brethren.
let him stay with us,
until Christ restores his health.
Let it be so.
Wake up! Someone to see you,
says it's urgent!

l am not at home...
l don't know this good fellow.

l've told him you were sleeping,
but he ordered me to wake you.