Quo Vadis?

Why were you deaf to my advice?
Hush and listen.
Croton wanted to kill and rob me.
l slew him,
and they dressed my wounds.
He was a villain!
Fortunately, l had my ica.
l'd advised you to go armed.
- What did you do?
- Prayed for your health.

- Nothing else?
- Planned to visit... but you sent him.

Deliver this slate to my house.
l wrote l'd left for Beneventum.
ls that clear?
l have left for Beneventum.

You have...
of course you have, l bade you
farewell in Porta Cavena,

and l've been pining for you
ever since

and risk wailing myself to death.
l'll ask my servants
to dry your tears.

Bring me the lamp.
Don't you recognise me, Cephas?
But l'm not...
it's not me...

Here is the man who betrayed
and sentenced to death my wife...

...and my children.
- He wanted me to kill Glaucus!
- My lord!

Help me!
Plead for me!
The letter!
l shall deliver it, my lord!

Bury him in the garden...
and find another messenger.