Quo Vadis?

Dumb creature!
l'll have you whipped!

- Chilo Chilonides!
- Pax tecum! Pax! Pax!

Oh, the best of Christians!
Yes! l'm Chilonides, l'm Chilo.

- But this is a misunderstanding.
- Your master, Vinicius,

- summons you to go with me.
- My dear fellow,

and has my noble friend
sent me a litter?

- We shall walk.
- And if l refuse?

- l wouldn't do it.
- l shall come, because l want to,

for l am a free man and a wise one,
an l can turn offenders
into trees and animals. l'm coming!

Why were you deaf to my advice?
Hush and listen.
Croton wanted to kill and rob me.
l slew him,
and they dressed my wounds.
He was a villain!
Fortunately, l had my ica.
l'd advised you to go armed.
- What did you do?
- Prayed for your health.

- Nothing else?
- Planned to visit... but you sent him.

Deliver this slate to my house.
l wrote l'd left for Beneventum.
ls that clear?
l have left for Beneventum.

You have...
of course you have, l bade you
farewell in Porta Cavena,