Rölli ja metsänhenki

Well, why not? You look like
a decent enough f ellow.

Slurp up.
No, I meant that
l´d like to wash my f ace.

You´re joking, right?
Jeez, trolls don´t wash.
My goodness, y ou´re pretty.
Were y ou born that way
or did y ou have an accident?

What sort of creature are y ou

l´m Millie, Millie the Elf.
Don´t y ou remember me?
I f or one remember y ou well.

I thought that maybe
the two of us could be friends.

Don´t y ou know
that us terrible trolls -

could never socialize
with nice creatures?

Get out of here,
bef ore someone sees y ou!

I think y ou´re nice.
-Nice... How can y ou be so daft?

Go on, get out now!
I haven´t seen a thing,
l´ve been sound asleep all the time.

How can y ou sleep
in the middle of a day?

l´ve alway s been good in bed.
Off y ou go now!

You´ve got a cold.
l´II make y ou some lichen tea...

No, y ou most certainly will not!
Just get out.