Rat Race

Not good. Not good.
Don't move! Stay there.
I saw the whole thing.

I'll be right down.
Shit! Gloria Allred.
Hey, buddy?
Buddy, you okay? You okay?

You're fine! You look great.
- You want to report this?
- Taxi!

You don't need a taxi.
Come on!

Where you goin'?
Maybe I can drop you off.

Silver City, New Mexico.
I am in a race.

Silver City?
This is your lucky day!

I'm going to El Paso.
It's right on the way.

Come on. But, look, I got
to be there by 7:00 tonight.

- So I'm going to be driving fast.
- Great.

You just want one copy, 'cause
you get an extra one for half price?

Just one and hurry.
This is the best idea
you ever had.

We split up. We take two keys.
We double our chances of winning.

It can't fail.
- You remember where we're goin'?
- Silver City, New Mexico.

Right. Train station, locker 001.
"Ero, ero," one.
Rule number one: discretion.
Don't talk to anybody.

- I won't. I "romise."
- I'm serious.

We're talking about
$2 million in cash.

People would just kill us
to get their hands on that key.

I love you.
All right, little brother,
you steal a car.

I'm gonna try to steal
that Corvette right there.

I don't care what you get
as long as it's fast.

I'll meet you in Silver City.
Don't forget your key.

That "other-ucking" bastard!
I'll kill 'im! I'm gonna--
There he is!
Go! Go!
Okay, we're at 2.4 miles.
There's the yellow sign
with the graffiti.