Sennen joyu

In poetry they symbolize...
Yes! "Simple purity'.
Well, Mr Tachibana...
you mentioned "something'...

Oh, yes! I'm sorry...
I've kept this...
:07:27 give it to you
when I found where you were.

All the while I meant to for get it...
Was that the key
to something important?

To the most important thing
there is.

Thank you, Mr Tachibana.
But where did you get this?

Uh...well, many years ago
someone at Ginei Studios found it.

I never thought
I'd hold it in my hand again.

Well, I guess the earth
is telling us to get started.

Uh, certainly.
My fate seems to be
tied to earthquakes.

I was born during one,
in 1923.

The Great Kanto Earthquake...
My father had so wanted a child!
He was killed, and it was if...

...his life had been traded for mine.
But the shop he left behind...