Sidewalks of New York

What are you saying?
Has he cheated on her?

I don't know specifics, but I do
know that one time we went out...

and he was drinking
and talking...

to this young bimbo.
He left with her. If anything
happened after that, I don't know.

How could you not tell me
about this earlier?

How can I--
Harry's a friend of mine.

- Since when? I introduced you.
- What does that mean?

Harry can't be my friend too?
No, he can, but your loyalty
should be to Hilary...

because you knew her first.
You wanna know the truth?
I never liked Hilary.

I don't blame Harry for getting
a little something on the side.

That is so disgusting!
She is my best friend.

Secondly, they're married.
You think that's acceptable behavior
for him to get some on the side?

That's not what I'm saying, but we
have talked about his sex life.

Frankly, she is not
the warmest person.

She is not the most giving, okay?
So a guy like that,
he gets his load on...

and he wants to find a little
warmth and kindness somewhere else.

Warmth and kindness?
That's fucking gross.

Let me ask you a question--
if our sex life wasn't great...

how would you feel if I sought out
kindness from some young stud?

But you would never do that, so--
That is not the fucking point.
You're not as affectionate
as you used to be...

but does that give me the right
to cheat on you?

Why are we having
this conversation?

Can we calm down? It's idiocy.
Let's change the subject.

I don't think it's idiocy to talk
about fidelity and monogamy...

with the person
you're married to.

If our sex life wasn't great,
would you talk to me about it...

so we could work on it?
- Or would you just have an affair?
- Have an affair?

Why would you ever think
I would do such a thing?

Maybe because you cheated
on your first wife.

Okay, all right. That's true.
But it was different
because I didn't love her.

I love you,
so it's totally different.

Look, why do you
compare me to Harry?

Harry's a shark.
This is a guy who goes out
and cheats hardworking people...

out of their hard-earned money
every day of his life.

That's his job.
That's what he does.

You marry a guy like that...
who's a scumbag in his job,
he's a scumbag in life.