Sidewalks of New York

You weren't hitting on her?
No, I was just talking to her.
I was standing right there.
I heard you.

What did you hear?
- You want me to repeat it?
- Yeah.

I didn't say anything that would
warrant these accusations.

Really? Telling someone I work with,
that I have to see every day...

that she has nice tits
doesn't warrant these accusations?

I didn't say that.
All I'm saying is
that you have really nice breasts.

All right, maybe I said something
like that, but I was only kidding.

- Kidding?
- Yeah.

I was flirting,
but a kidding kind of flirting.

Flirting is one thing.
Trying to fuck my coworker,
that I have a problem with!

Jesus, that is harsh.
So have you been on a lot of dates
since the divorce?

Have you ever heard
of a born-again virgin?

It's been that long?

- Over a year.
- That cannot be healthy.

That's unnatural.
Actually, it's not that bad.
After a while,
you don't miss it so much.

You gotta be kidding me.
You know what's gonna happen?

The minute you get it again,
you're gonna kick yourself...

for being out of the game
for so long.

It's not like I have
a lot of options out there.

Guys in this city, decent ones,
are few and far between.

What the hell am I,
fucking Doogie Howser over here?

What is that supposed to mean?
Are you offering your services?

I wasn't gonna come right out
and say it, but yeah.

Of course I'd like to, but--
So what do you suggest?
We go to my place, and you help me
with this little problem I've got.

Is that it?
Did I just blow it there?
Did I just totally strike out?

Where do you live?
I actually, you know--
I got a roommate.
Now you're striking out.
32 years old with a roommate?

See, it's just temporary
because my girlfriend kicked me out.

So it's not--
What about you?
Do you live alone?