Someone Like You

Thank you very much.

We just did a follow-up piece. That's
why I'm a little late getting up here.

- Oh.
- Well, I better scoot.

Jane, you want me to get 'em to turn the
A.C. Up? You're looking a little flushed.

- Jane Goodale.
- I know.
That's an interesting name.

- People must confuse you with the scientist.
- Yeah.

- They're always asking me if I'm into chimps.
- Are you?

Not really. I mean, maybe
Curious George when I was five.

Ah. Curious George
was a monkey, not a chimp.

- A man who knows his primates.
- Yes, I do.

See you around. Oh, I heard Len Chaney's
people are giving you a hard time.

Yeah, they're afraid it's gonna turn
into an abortion debate and get ugly.

Which is, uh, right.
- Of course. - So
guarantee Diane won't bring it up,

and we'll plant somebody in the
audience to initiate it during Q&A.

I think you came to the
right show, Ray Brown.

So he'scute.
- Very.

Care to elaborate?

Pale blue eyes, athletic, sort
of, um, J. Crew, but not as preppy.

- Oh, that guy again.
- Are you going to buy anything or not?

- Sh-Shush! I'm
concentrating! - Okay.

- Marital status?
- Girlfriend.

Why are we having
this conversation?

You know what? You're
right. He's too much work.

And even if I were up to it,
with my luck,

he'd probably end up
marrying her anyway.

Wow. There's the cynical bitch
I know and love.

So that's it. Case closed.
Leaving this one alone.

You feeling carnivorous?
So what else do I need
to know about you,

apart from your addiction
to processed foods,

much to the chagrin
of your girlfriend?

- Whom you've been dating now for...
- Three years.

Excuse me. Three years.
Wow. That's, um...

More serious than I...

would've guessed,
you know, off the cuff.