Someone Like You

- Well, you're okay with it, right?
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- I mean, you're happy.
- Happy?

I am so happy.
I mean, this is what I wanted.

I mean, there's nothing
between us anymore, you know,

and that's... that's what I
was looking for, so I'm happy.

How exactly did Ray disappear?
Slowly and kind of subtly.
Single pane,
double pane?

Single pane, I believe.
- Singles.

A lot more sun, I guess,
than I had recalled.

This doesn't open? Oh!
Well, gotta force it. Oops.

Well, maybe it wasn't so subtle.
Hi, babe.
It's me again.
Listen, the realtor called,

and she said that we have
to sign the lease by Monday.

I know you wanted your lawyer to have
a look at the contract and everything,

but my apartment's been re-rented,
and I have got to be out of here...

He is not sleeping with somebody else.
What are you talking about?

First of all,
Ray really isn't like that.

And second of all, the poor guy
wouldn't have time.

He's been working until 3:00 in
the morning every night for 2 weeks.

Okay, A: There's no such thing as a guy
who doesn't have time to mess around.

They always have time for that. And
If he ain't sleeping with you,

he ain't sleepin' alone.
Listen, you gotta talk to him.
It's better than not knowing.

This patch is worth shit.

Throughout the animal
kingdom, prey species have developed...

a wide variety
of escape behaviors.

Freezing is a common response
to predator alarm.

Sensing danger, many animals will
assume a rigid, statue-like position.

Fleeing is another
popular method.

Some species will simply
try to outrun their captors,