Training Day

IKevin ain't here!
Just open the door!
IKevin ain't here!
-Open the door, ma'am!
-He ain't even here!

I said IKevin ain't even over here!
We got a search warrant.
Open up.

Ain't nobody here!
Get your big ass down!
Right down! Down!

Don't move, spread them out!
Don't move!

Anybody in the house?
ls anybody in the house?!

My nephew, Dimitri! ln the bedroom!
Okay. I'm gonna clear the house,
check it for weapons.

IKitchen's clear!

Put your hands up, son.
-Anybody else?

-You sure?

Okay, just stay right there.
Don't move! Don't you move.

Stand up. IKeep your hands
where I can see them.

Sit down and place them
on your knees.

Sit down. We're the good guys.
Just sit down right over there
next to your auntie.

Right over there.
House is Code-4.
I'm starting the search.

-I wanna see that warrant.
-The what?

The warrant. I need a copy.
My partner has it.
He'll be out soon.

Where's your backup?
Just be quiet until we're through
with our investigation.

-You got the gun, don't you?
-That's right.