Sure, of course we'll go.
Rifat, don't hang up!
Let's go.
-What about the telephone?
-Come with me.

lt's me, Asiye.
We're fine.
My parents are fine too.
How are you?
Yes, me too.
What? Where is that? Where?
So you think Nazmi did it?
Did it or had it done.
lt must be Siti. lt's just like her!
What's the poor woman got
to do with it?

Why do you say that?
What did l say?
That ''poor'' woman.
We're all grandparents now, and
you're still jealous of your sister!

She's no sister of mine!
My own sister asked at my wedding
whose wedding it was!

Made it seem like
you wanted her.

Thirty years later
you're still going on about it!

You loved her too. That's why
you call her ''poor'' woman now.

Go find something better
to do with yourself.

lt still bothers you, doesn't it?