Who Is Cletis Tout?

there was trouble.
Now Rowdy was tapped
to take over the family.

He was an untouchable.
You can only imagine what price
the tabloids would pay

for one shining moment in this
little Alice's wonderland...

but Tout could imagine it.
He made it his mission
to bring Virago down.

They picked up a hooker
about 11:30...

took her to a loft downtown.
Tout was there.
Tout thinks
he's hit the jackpot.

Virago's got
a bit of a problem:

he likes it rough.
Tonight he's got
a bigger problem:

she likes it rough, too.
That's when things went wrong.
He's got the poor girl
by the throat.

Tout made three copies
of the tape.

One he kept for himself
the second he mailed
to a neighbor

and a third he mailed
to paulie the fist.

Now here's the heir to the most
powerful crime family

in the city, and now
he's on the chopping block.

They got rid of the body,
and nobody'd come calling.

They thought
they were home free

until Tout
stuck his nose in.

So they decided to kill him.
This is impossible. Fuck it.
I ain't pushin' no more.
Maybe he's got his foot
on the brake.

Man, for a dead guy,
he drives good.

I got his hands wired
to the fuckin' wheel.

Oh. What's the name of
that, uh, fancy place?

The one that, uh,
makes all the donuts

with the sprinkles.