Who Is Cletis Tout?

So, what do we have
for lunch?

Jane Doe number 1-0-9-Charlie.
Caucasian, female
25 years old.
Five foot, six inches tall.
112 pounds.
You guys have done
a print search

blood work, stomach analysis.
As far as you can tell,
she liked hot dogs

and may have
been strangled.

Do you know the first thing
I look at when I see
a body like this?

The tits.
Straight for the tits.

I mean, look at this.
She's like a carnival ride.
Saline implant.
The only company who makes
this model, Johnson Levy.

Behind every bag
is a serial number.

Behind every serial number
there's a name.
meet Merrill Candide.
I found
four different types

of spermicidal jelly-
the type used in condoms.

Now either Merrill
and her sweetheart

have been sampling rubbers
or sweet little Candide is...?

She's a hooker.
Would somebody get kojak
a sucker?

What killed her?
Compression scars
on the neck...

The lady's been strangled.
It's all in the file.
I'm going to need another
day for the hot-rodder-

you know, barbecue
boy next door.

All I got is
small-caliber machine gun

five gallons of gas
and a match.

And you say the only thing
that links these two

is the area
where they were found?

That's right.
Dr. Savian,
phone call, line one.

Thank you.
One word, three syllables.
The clue is:
a need to disappear.

Finch, I thought you were
in jail.

Hiya, Finch.