Who Is Cletis Tout?

The lady's been strangled.
It's all in the file.
I'm going to need another
day for the hot-rodder-

you know, barbecue
boy next door.

All I got is
small-caliber machine gun

five gallons of gas
and a match.

And you say the only thing
that links these two

is the area
where they were found?

That's right.
Dr. Savian,
phone call, line one.

Thank you.
One word, three syllables.
The clue is:
a need to disappear.

Finch, I thought you were
in jail.

Hiya, Finch.
I know we don't have
a lot of time

and I don't want
to know anything.

I'm going to keep it clean
and I'm going to keep it simp...

Micah Tobias.
Not for long.
This is a freebie.
You kept me out of jail
by keeping your mouth closed.

I thank you.
My wife thanks you.
My children thank you.
This is the last time
you'll hear from me.

And I know this is the last time
I'll hear from you.

Here's your package.
You have a computer,
laser printer, camera

plenty of film
paper for photographs.
You have your trim kit.
There's enough here
to make you both

driver's licenses
supporting id,
the whole nine yards.

Passports, I have a problem.
I can't access one
of the numbers

without fingers pointing.
Finch, this is going
to be your job.

You are now marcel zavoya.
unemployed office worker.

We found him
with his head in the oven.

His passport number I have.
This is you.
Be careful with this one, man.