Who Is Cletis Tout?

Somebody set fire
to the poor bastard.

I have his address
and his vitals.

I even have his keys.
I found them three inches deep,
in his thigh.

You're going to have to go
to his house

and find his passport.
How much time you going to need?
Couple of weeks.
We, uh, we got a few things
we got to take care of.

You got $10,000
in cash.

It'll take you most places
you want to go.

This is a gift... from my wife.
Spend the night
here tonight.

Leave everything you
don't absolutely need.

There's a rack
with clothes.

Tomorrow, you are dead
and I never want to hear
from you again.

My brother, it is so good
to see you again.

Good to be seen.
Marcel, au revoir.
Take a look at this.
You've been completely

You are now officially
marcel zavoya.

There's your passport,
birth certificate...

driver's license.
You got to wear
your corrective lenses to drive.

You're an official
card-carrying member
of the aarp-

no senior should be without it.
And the coup de grace,
your sag card.

It's a dream you
always wanted to pursue.

Now that the kids are grown, you
finally found that "me" time.