Who Is Cletis Tout?

Now for me
I got to get
Tout's passport number.

That's first on the list.
You can't dope the number?
I don't want to chance it.
Pick the wrong number,
it's over.

It shouldn't be a problem,

It says here
the guy is a journalist.

My guess is, he has one.
Now the real question is
when do you want to go
after those diamonds?

What are you doing?
Hi, daddy.
You know, it's funny-
in all the time I spent
with the old man

he never once mentioned
he had a daughter.

He found her.
I couldn't fault him for it.
Yeah, I was only along
out of circumstance.

I left them alone
for the time being.

I was sure they had
some catching up to do

more than 20 years worth.
Besides, I had other things
on my mind.

I needed that passport number.
Hello, mr. Tout.
It is Tout
isn't it?
So, you're my new neighbor.
I can tell you one thing-