Who Is Cletis Tout?

He's got to give her
The diamonds
to make things right.

Did-did he have time
to say good- bye?

He didn't die right there?
Well, that's really
all kind of a blur, you know?

I, uh...
just remember bits and pieces.
He said he wanted
to go to the park.

We were all alone.
He said he wanted me
to take care of her.

Made me promise him.
There was a feather.
He said...
"there's magic in something
as simple as a feather."

Whatever the heck that means.
And then he died.
Guess what, fuckos?
you missed again.

Yeah, 500 rounds
and the only damage is
a ceramic bath set

and a 50-year-old man.
Iet me ask you something.
Is this some sort
of master plan?

You kill all Tout's associates
so we got nobody to play with?

What, we trying to bore him
to death here?

Huh? Make him so despondent
at the thought of no buddies
that he puts a gun in his mouth?

What the fuck's wrong with you?!
Call Critical Jim.
So, um, how many people
have you killed?

"I don't believe
I've ever killed a man

that didn't deserve it."