Who Is Cletis Tout?

Guess what, fuckos?
you missed again.

Yeah, 500 rounds
and the only damage is
a ceramic bath set

and a 50-year-old man.
Iet me ask you something.
Is this some sort
of master plan?

You kill all Tout's associates
so we got nobody to play with?

What, we trying to bore him
to death here?

Huh? Make him so despondent
at the thought of no buddies
that he puts a gun in his mouth?

What the fuck's wrong with you?!
Call Critical Jim.
So, um, how many people
have you killed?

"I don't believe
I've ever killed a man

that didn't deserve it."
"The Shootist,"
Warner Brothers, 1976.

Hey, look,
killing's a business.

The truth is,
they all deserved it.

Hey, I have a reputation.
I clean up people's
dirty little secrets.

When that pager rings
that mean you're going
to kill me?

"Haven't you learned the rules
"of probability and outcomes?
"Aren't you aware
that every question

"of life or death
remains a probability
until the outcome?"

"Heaven can wait." Paramount.
Have you ever been
to a movie?

Tell me more about the girl.
Well, we hadn't spoken
in about a week.

I tried to contact her
after Micah died

but she'd have nothing of it.
So, I checked in here
at the gladstone.

Couldn't get the old man's
voice out of my head.

Four years I spent with him
and all I could think about was
the last thing he said to me.

"Take care of her."