Zir-e poost-e shahr

Dad, Mom... Abbas is in a car,
and wants to take us out tonight.

What are you doing? Abbas is waiting,
he wants to take us out for dinner!

Out? Why out? I'm fixing dinner.
I'm not eating any meatballs!
Ali's not home yet...
Your spoiled brat
is waiting for you in the car.

You're up and about in a jiffy.
You sure can be quick when it suits you!

Take your hat off.
You'd catch a cold when you go outside.

One paper in the morning, another in
the afternoon... Both, same nonsense!

What did I tell you? 15-year-olds
can't vote after all. Elections aren't for kids!

Stop bothering her. Have your dinner, dear!
- Me! What about me?
- Don't be silly. Open your hand.

Abbas speaking.
No, Mr. Nasser is not with me.
He left his cell phone with me... Why?

Okay, I'll call right away. Bye.
Be quiet for a minute.
I have to call Mr. Nasser. Be quiet!

Hello? Hi, Ms. Moloud.
Thank you very much. Is Mr. Nasser home?

Hello, Mr. Nasser.
Yes, I took the car to a garage,
and I'm going back home in a cab.