Zir-e poost-e shahr

A spot on my back hurts real bad.

- So, where's the tea?
- Who's in there, with your dad?

That idiot builder, of course.
Who else ever comes here?!

He finally bought Masum's place.
They have one month to move out.

- Well, I have to go.
- Why so soon? Let's have some tea.

Thank you, maybe later. Bye.
Bye. I'll come and visit you.
- What did he want here?
- Nothing.

What's the deal, with Abbas going
to this guy's place, and him coming here?

Don't you dare get funny ideas
in your head, again. I'm warning you!

Take it easy!
Dad, Mom... Abbas is in a car,
and wants to take us out tonight.

What are you doing? Abbas is waiting,
he wants to take us out for dinner!

Out? Why out? I'm fixing dinner.
I'm not eating any meatballs!
Ali's not home yet...
Your spoiled brat
is waiting for you in the car.

You're up and about in a jiffy.
You sure can be quick when it suits you!