Zir-e poost-e shahr

What's with you?
- Are you trying to show off? Asshole!
- Nothing happened.

- What the hell did you want to happen?
- You show off for women and children?

Take it easy, Mr. Abbas.
I didn't do anything.

You want me to teach you a lesson,
so you learn what you've done?

- What lesson do you want to teach me?
- Just say you're sorry, and go!

Go on! Go on, dear!
You got a "B." Write the 4 words
you misspelled, 10 times each. Read, now!

- This one? Is this good?
- No, read the paper so you get used to it.

Start here.
- Ra... Ree...
- Reformist.

- There are no accents!
- They don't use accents in the papers.

Pars... pers...
"Reformist perspective on the discourse
of the media."

You gotta be kidding me!
Let me read my own book.

Hey, kid? What the hell are you doing?
Get away from that!

Masum, get ready, I'm coming.
Abbas, my dear brother,
could you please give me some money?

What the hell do you need
so much money for?

Tuck your hair in!
- I love you so much!
- Don't be silly, now!