Zir-e poost-e shahr

- There are no accents!
- They don't use accents in the papers.

Pars... pers...
"Reformist perspective on the discourse
of the media."

You gotta be kidding me!
Let me read my own book.

Hey, kid? What the hell are you doing?
Get away from that!

Masum, get ready, I'm coming.
Abbas, my dear brother,
could you please give me some money?

What the hell do you need
so much money for?

Tuck your hair in!
- I love you so much!
- Don't be silly, now!

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Hello, Mr. Nasser.
- Hi.

- I finally got him!
- Really?

- I got it from him.
- You mean you cashed it, too?

And here is your cell phone.
Get these goods loaded.
We need to have them in the road tonight.

Mr. Shahrokh?
Hello, ma'am. Good morning to you, too.
Is Mr. Marandi in? Yes, please.
Good morning, sir.
Yes, I got the check. I've even
cashed it already. Of course, absolutely.

I took care of it.
It's right here in front of me.

You just stay there, and in about half
an hour, I'll send it along with the blueprint.

Abbas? What was that? Sure.
I'll take care of that, too. Don't worry. Bye!

The asshole loved it...
Take these to Mr. Marandi.