Zir-e poost-e shahr

If you'd just let me, I'll take care
of everything. And father is all for it.

Of course he's for it.
He has no clue how we make ends meet.

Whatever he failed to do in his life,
he wants you to do now.

We would have been better off
if you hadn't stopped him, Ms. Tuba!

Hello, Abbas!
How are you, my dear brother?

Turn around, let me see your face...
I said, let me see your face!
You and your kid stay right here.
I'll have a talk with that bastard.

Do you hear me?
For God's sake!
Please don't make it any worse than it is.

The poor guy has more debt
than he can handle. I swear!

How dare he take it out on you?
God, I wish I would die
and stop this indignity...

- They really get on my nerves!
- You just need an excuse to smoke!

Did you talk to the builder?
Sure I did. His price is a rip-off.
You'd better talk to him yourself.

Make sure to persuade your mom.
Don't do it against her will.

- If she finds out later, we're dead meat!
- There's nothing to make a fuss about...

Father, go see him.
Try to get it over with.
- Hi!
- Where have you been?

- Just hanging out with the guys...
- So when do you study?

Take this. Get mom everything she needs.
Put something on the bike.

Ms. Tuba?
I'm leaving.