Zir-e poost-e shahr

I'll go now.
Beautiful! What a haircut!
Let's hear some gratitude, shall we?

Great. Thanks, but it looks
like it's a little bit longer on this side.

You have two and a half pieces of hair left.
I can't make you 20 again!

- Hi!
- Hi, honey.

- Where were you?
- I had tutorials. I'd told Mom about it.

Didn't you and Masum go to that concert?
Look at his handsome haircut!
You look just like rock stars!

I'm coming to your school tomorrow,
to see how many tutorials you have.

Great. While you're at it,
bring some money for the PTA.

Money! I tell you to give her away,
but do you listen?!

- We can't just give her away!
- She's not college material!

Why? What's wrong with her?
Don't touch that, the hair will fall in...

She's a girl. She can become a doctor
and she'll still have to change diapers.

Remember how you insisted that Hamideh
would get married.

- So? What's wrong with that?
- Nothing. She lives in the heavens!

- Mom, good job! I'll give you an "A"!
- What? Why did you take that?

Mahboubeh, come back here
and stop playing around...

Let me go! Please!
I beg you!
There you are!
Wait! Where do you think you're going?
The damn ruthless bastard!