Well, when Maury told me
what you were willing to do, I...

Are you not aware that I get farty
and bloated with a foamy latte?

My mistake,Jacobim.
Your mistake indeed!
Yes, Derek.
What Maury said
I was willing to do foryou.

Let's get back to the reason
that we're really here.

Without much further ado,
I give you...

the Derek Zoolander Center
for Kids Who Can't Read Good.

What is this?
A center for ants?
How can we be expected to teach
children to learn how to read...

if they can't even fit
inside the building?

- Derek, it's just a small...
- I don't want to hearyour excuses!

The center has to be at least...
three times bigger than this.
- He's absolutely right.
- Thank you.

I have a vision.
And so do I.
Let me show you mine.

I can't help you, lady...
I don't know nothing about Mugatu...

But you've represented every
male model in each of his campaigns.

You must have some kind
of a relationship with him.

Even if I did,
why would I talk to you?

Shame on you how you picked on
Derek Zoolander in that story.

He's a sweet simpleton
who never hurt a fly.

Please don't change the subject,
Mr. Ballstein.

What about Mugatu's exploitation
of sweatshop workers in Malaysia?

- Do you have an opinion on that?
- You wanna hear an opinion?

With a push-up bra, you could have
a nice rack of lamb going on there.