l put on the clothes,
and l feel better for a second

like l'm somebody
with someplace to go

but then l think
l'm a complete fraud

and they'll see
right through me.

La-la, la-la-la...
A fine fantasy object,
but useful, too--

shitting, sitting,
insulation in the winter months.

La-la, la-la-la...
Not an easy job market
but you're the most sought-after
graduates in history.

Know your value.
Sell to the highest bidder.
Now, we know your...
...market share
of existing markets.

Nothing else matters.
You can talk
about your art history

your Derrida,
your la-dee-dah, your poetry

but in reality,
the moment you step outside

the magic circle drawn
around this institution

you are at the mercy
of market forces

and nowhere will prepare you
more thoroughly to harness

those forces
for your own benefit

than McKinsey
and Company Consulting.

Remember, follow the bouncing
ball to McKinsey.

You got to get
over to l-banking.

You won't buy workout clothes
for ten years.

Somehow l don't see you working
in a bank.

l calculated the odds
of getting hired by McKinsey.

From Stanford or here,
it's about 500 to one.

From anywhere else,
forget about it.

Why do you tell me these things?
how you doing?
l'm fine.
That could be the most dangerous
lie you tell today.

Come on, Bill.
l've been back for ten minutes.

Just put me to work.
l'll be okay.