- What are you doing?
- This way, I don't need
to bring it in.

I eat it here,
at the gate of your country.

So, I bring luck in my stomach.
Will you try it?
Raffi, the real point of this poem
is that the girlfriend is crazy!

'No!' The girlfriend said angrily,
'I want your mother's heart!'

So the boy went and killed his mother.
You know what they say...
There's always
a woman at the heart of it.

As he ran through the streets
with her heart in his hands,

he tripped and fell.
His mother's heart cried out...
'My poor boy!'
'Did you hurt yourself?'
- You know what?
I completely forgot
you had a party.

- I told you she...
The party's not the point.

The fact is, you make
these physical appearances

without letting anybody know.
I mean, it makes
perfect sense to me.

- Why would I need
to tell anyone?

- I'm not saying
you need permission.

Permission for what?
- Celia, just try to understand
her point of view.

Raffi, stop talking about your mother.