At kende sandheden

Dad, if you want my help you'll
have to speak nicely to me.

You'd rather have
that than Bourgogne?

l know it's a cheap wine.
But l don't like being diddled.

You are being diddled.
They chuck all kinds of things in.

lt costs 1 7 kroner.
Don't waste expensive wines on me!

lt tastes like communion wine.
- And l was going to be a priest.

Why didn't you?
- Because ...

lt was Aunt Johanne
who wanted me to be one.

Anyway, l didn't.
- Did you two meet at high school?

At Esbjerg Latin School.
Dad'd been to the county junior.

ln Denmark Street.
- l remember the first day.

From the corridor
l heard a class singing.

''The morning cockerel crows again
Beats his dewy wings ...''

lt was so lovely that all at once
l knew l was a happy child.

lsn't that odd? That as a child you
can be aware that you're happy?

You must be out by two o'clock.
lt'll be hard to make it by then.
By 3 o'clock?

Everything must be out by then.
Tage Vendelbo, aged 66.
From Skørping.

He had
a fossia media glioblastoma.

Was he a restaurateur?
- No, a hotelier.

l remember him.
He couldn't have radical surgery.

He was given 35 ml of Thorotrast.
- That tumour killed him quickly.

Put him on the left.