At kende sandheden

lt was so lovely that all at once
l knew l was a happy child.

lsn't that odd? That as a child you
can be aware that you're happy?

You must be out by two o'clock.
lt'll be hard to make it by then.
By 3 o'clock?

Everything must be out by then.
Tage Vendelbo, aged 66.
From Skørping.

He had
a fossia media glioblastoma.

Was he a restaurateur?
- No, a hotelier.

l remember him.
He couldn't have radical surgery.

He was given 35 ml of Thorotrast.
- That tumour killed him quickly.

Put him on the left.
Grethe Wedell, 28 years old. lkast.
Parasagital meningioma ...
22 ml Thorotrast. Discharged.
Check up 3 months later.

ln good health.
Right! Put her on the left hand pile.
Jon Knoblau here.
The reporter.

We spoke in
the High Court canteen.

l looked things up in the medical
register and you were quite right.

Frank Riber was at
Århus from 1944 to 1951 -

- before being made a consultant
at the Bispebjerg.

So the entire
Medico-legal Council -

- was either employed under
Malmros or at the same hospital.

They must have known him
professionally and in private.

The term ''conflict of
interest'' springs to mind.