At kende sandheden

Why does my aunt say
l'm the salt of the earth?

What is salt, Richard?
What do we use it for?
Putting on our eggs.
- Yes. lt enhances taste.

But there is a greater purpose.
lt keeps our food fresh.
- Yes.

We use salt
to keep corruption at bay.

Sin and corruption do not
exist where there is salt.

So your aunt means that
you must be the preserving salt -

- that keeps sin at bay.
We'll have to move the bed.
lt can go over in the corner.
Put the mattresses onto the beds.
And now the cupboard.
Richard, come over here.
Why did you hide?
Because some boys
from school came by.

undeserved poverty is no shame.

With the port blockaded by the war
your father can't find work.

But living in a cellar ...
- Only till we find something better.

We'll manage.
Richard, would you
straighten mine out for me?

Richard, why have you moved?
Why have you moved?
Granddad couldn't
manage the stairs.

Did the bailiff take any furniture?
- What is it to you?

l care about Richard telling lies.
- Don't ask him, then.