At kende sandheden

''A reactor in the body''.
ln print so big even l can read it.

With a skull and a syringe.
Read that ...
''lt was one of the great men
of Danish brain surgery, -

- Professor Richard Malmros, -
- who exposed
the 15-year-old boy's artery -

- and injected the contrast
medium into his brain.

That medium
was Thorotrast.

33 years later the patient died -
- unaware that it was because
of the reactor in his body''.

He writes that there is a mole
in the health service -

- who's revealed a secret data base.
He also says there were urgent
warnings about Thorotrast.

We had no choice apart from
leaving our patients to die.

But the Medical-legal Council was
wrong about the lack of warnings.

He writes that there was an
alternative ... Per-Abrodil.

We got it from Nazi Germany.
But it wasn't very good.

We started using it in 1944.
March 1944
Before my clash with Riber.

Please remove your hand.
- lt's agony.

No more pictures, l beg you!
No. We'll make do
with the one X-ray.

Well done, lsaksen.
lt's not a very good image, is it?
Not nearly as clear as Thorotrast.
But we can see what's wrong
with lsaksen, can't we, Riber?

Yes, he has a tumour
in the frontal lobe.

Per-Abrodil doesn't yield good
images. Patients react badly to it.

There may be acute
allergic mortalities.

Nevertheless we'll use Per-Abrodil.
l'm afraid of Thorotrast.

From now on
the orders are no more Thorotrast!

No ...
The tumour is close to the surface.

Yes, so it would be a most suitable
tumour for your first operation.