Bubba Ho-tep

Oh, man.
My God. Man
How long have I been here?

Am I really awake now.
Or am I just dreamin' I'm awake?

How could my plans
have gone so wrong?

When the hell are they
gonna serve lunch?

Considerin' what they serve.
Why the hell do I care?

If Priscilla discovered I was alive.
Would she come and see me?

Would we still wanna fuck?
Or would we merely have to talk about it?

Is there. Finally and really.
Anything to life other than
food. Shit. And sex?

We, goddamn t
How could I have gone from
the "King of rock and roll" to this?

Old guy in a rest home in East Texas
with a growth on his pecker

And what is that growth. Man?
Cancer? Nobody's talkin'
No one seems to know
or wants to