Buying the Cow

We were in Jine to get on board...
...when I happened to gJance over
to the gate across from us...

...and that's when I saw her.
She gJowed.
It was Jike a Jight aJJ around her.

It was bJinding.
I swear I have never felt anything
that powerful before or since.

Something about her sucked me
away from the plane...

...and drew me right back to her.
There she was.
With strength I wish I still possessed...
...I floated towards her.
I introduced myself and told her how I felt.
I gave her my address...
...and told her if she felt it too,
she should write.

Young blood had him some balls.
I had no choice.
I was being driven by a higher power.

Call it "the lightning bolt,"
call it a connection, destiny, whatever.

- So did she write you?
- Not at first.

Every day I'd check that maiJbox.
I checked aJJ that summer, and nothing.
Then one day, it came.
It was more than I couJd've hoped for.
She professed her Jove to me.

She said that she, too,
got a joJt down her spine...

...that gJorious day we first met.
It was more beautifuJ and poetic
than she was...

...which I didn't think was possibJe
at the time.

I immediateJy wrote her back.
I toJd her that I wanted us
to run away together...

...make Jove under the stars. Make babies.
It was clear to both of us.