Buying the Cow

:17:00 say that a picture of
an anorexic model...

...bottle-feeding two large men
in diapers...

...makes them want to buy a pair of jeans,
then I've done my job.

That is a twisted way to make a living.
I know.
But at least it's the fashion biz, right?

So why don't you just move here?
- I don't know. Maybe I will.
- Who is that?

- It's Mr. Hahn. My boss.
- And you get paid?

Look at it mathematically.
If just one person hooks up with somebody
who isn't their soul mate...

:17:30 got a chain reaction that
screws it up for everybody on the planet.

Your soul mate ends up with someone
else's who settles for someone else's...

Which makes it all the more important
to find the right person.

It's a glass-half-empty,
glass-half-full scenario.

If you ask me, the glass is half full of crap.
You sure you don't want any
late night eats?

No. I'm out of here. Take care, man.
- You got a problem?
- How's the chili?

I'd give my right arm for a bowl.
I'll hand that... I'll have that.
Oh, my God. My God, that was the glow.
That was the feeling you got in the airport.
It's happening again.

I'm gonna do this. Can you do this?
You've done it before,
you can do it again. Go!

I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do this.
Can you? Can you?

Don't let her get away.