Buying the Cow

Oh, my God, this is so exciting.
I think I just met
Naomi Campbell's hair person.

So, anything I should be doing?
This is the glamorous world
of Market Research.

We just sit around
untiJ somebody wonders.

Why are those men wearing diapers?
I guess I can answer
that question for you, sir.

- You can answer that?
- Yes.

We did research in the Midwest
which indicated...

...that our target market was
getting younger and younger...

:22:30 you can see.
Our focus groups taught us that
it'd be wise to do a preemptive strike...

...and showcase young imagery
in our new campaigns.

I see and this explains
why I'm spending $2 million...

...putting grown men in Huggies.
You realise if I did this in my basement...

...and post them on the internet,
I'd be arrested.

Also save a lot of money.
What are you doing for lunch?
I'm sorry Julie couldn't make it tonight.
She really does want to meet you.

- Me, too.
- Yeah.

But at least now you can tell me
how all of this happened.

- You used to refer to marriage as...
- I know, cruel and unusual punishment.

- It's her. She just hit me like a truck.
- But you were ready for it, right?

- You were wandering around in traffic?
- Yeah, I guess it was in traffic.

I mean, if it can happen to me,
it can happen to anybody. Right?

Anybody who isn't Mike, of course.
I actually got a strange call
from Mike the other day.

I think he seemed genuinely concerned
not to have somebody in his life.

Mike, in a relationship?
Isn't that one of the signs
of the Apocalypse?

Nostradamus actually predicted it.
He said, in the latter part
of the twentieth century...

..."the Ione cock would crow no more."
That's scary.
Why do you think David's so reluctant
to take the next step with me?

Oh, David.
I was playing the field,
and I got burned out on it.

David hasn't exactly been out
playing the field.