Buying the Cow

Your ad intrigued me, souJ mate.
A JittJe about myseJf:
I Jove dressing up and getting down.

I'm a waJking contradiction...
:33:10, yet Jactose intoJerant.
And I yearn for someone
who enjoys big surprises.

CaJJ me.
If you'd Jike to make a caJJ,
pJease hang up and try again.

HeJJo, David.
I've been waiting for your caJJ...

...ever since I saw you
in that Mexican restaurant.

I've fantasised about us.
- Our bodies entwined and covered in saJsa.
- Salsa!

We're destined to be together, David.
- It's just like...
- Chips and salsa.

That's right.
And now... That's my other line. Hold on.
- HeJJo.
- David, it's Mike. You there? Pick up.

Come on, pick up, David.
This is important.

- Mike.
- David, it's happened to me.

Look, I'm really not feeling very...

No! Listen, David.
I'm lying naked, in a strange bed...
...staring at the most beautiful woman...
...I have ever seen in my entire life.
Tell her I said, "Hi."
I've really got to go now.

She's not here.
I'm looking at her picture, okay?