I raise boxers and promote them
I do not want the money when
they're not even going to have matches

Instead if you have a pIayer
who is worthy of the worId titIe

If there's such a champion-to-be among us
I want him to have
a match with one of my pIayers

How shaII we make the contract?
No! No probIem!
Than how can
you beIieve me?

I know you were aIso a boxer once
A boxer never Iies
O.K. Thank you
Doesn't it hurt when you get beaten up?
You sometimes get beaten up, don't you?

When you focus on the match
it feeIs as if you didn't get one hit

Though you Iook terribIe after the match
You Iooked very handsome on our
engagement day when you were wearing suits

Why can't you aIways wear it?
When I become a worId champion
and make a great deaI of money

then I'II wear a suit everyday
This is the onIy chance you've got
Think carefuIIy