-Yes. Really.

Hello, world!
Now, this used to happen
all the time...

but Sammy knew that I was
always gonna come back...

and I was always
going to help him cheat.

Did you say something
about geometry?

You bet your frickin' ass
I did.

And by the time
we got to high school...

Sammy and I had taken cheating
to a whole other level.

We had gone from
small-time spelling bees...

to mid-terms, finals,
and everything in between.

You name it, we stole it.
Now, there were two other guys
we always worked with.

Everything's cool?
Now, Sammy and l
may have hated school...

but Victor hated everything.
His motto was,
"l hate everything."

Now, we all took our jobs
very seriously...

You finished yet?
But nobody took it
as seriously as Applebee.

Brilliance requires patience.
You see, he was the man
in charge of the crib sheets.

Now, every cheating outfit needs
a guy who can write small...

and this guy wrote crazy small.
That is a masterpiece.
It should be hanging
in a museum.

I hate museums.
The four of us
were a real solid unit.

We were efficient,
we were loyal...

and we had our own copy
of the janitor's key.

Do you know
why I called you in here?

Did I win some kind
of award or something?

No, you did not win any awards.
Do you have something
you want to tell me?

I love you?
Stand up.
I don't understand.
I said stand up.
That's a ball.
That's another ball.
They like to travel together.
Marla, he doesn't
have them on him.