Now, Mr. Harkin
was a real genius.

The problem was
that he was so smart...

no one ever had a clue
what he was talking about.

I can't believe
no one else knows this.

OK, let's get a couple
of things straight.

I don't like to have my
teaching methods questioned...

and I especially don't like it
when parents call me at home.

And I really don't like
to have to hear sob stories...

about how badly
certain students...

need to get
into Tufts University.

Mr. Shapiro, you don't need
to take notes on this.

But you can write down
the following:

tomorrow's Regents' exam
will count as your midterm...

and no amount of parental
pressure will change that.

But that's not fair.
You haven't taught us any
of the material on the Regents'.

Well, everything will be covered
at today's review.

You know what?
I have taught in the heart
of a ghetto...

and none of those
ghetto kids...

were anywhere near as whiny
as any of you.

Did you get that, Mr. Shapiro?
Mr. Harkin?
I can't make the review 'cause
I have a doctor's appointment.

Well, unless you want
to fail my class...

I suggest you get your notes
from someone else.

Don't worry, Mr. Harkin.
I'll cover him.
This is bullshit, man.
He never taught us anything...

from the Regents'.
He's just too lazy
to make up his own test.

You know what that means,
don't you?

Cheaters love to use
the word "unpassable."