Well, everything will be covered
at today's review.

You know what?
I have taught in the heart
of a ghetto...

and none of those
ghetto kids...

were anywhere near as whiny
as any of you.

Did you get that, Mr. Shapiro?
Mr. Harkin?
I can't make the review 'cause
I have a doctor's appointment.

Well, unless you want
to fail my class...

I suggest you get your notes
from someone else.

Don't worry, Mr. Harkin.
I'll cover him.
This is bullshit, man.
He never taught us anything...

from the Regents'.
He's just too lazy
to make up his own test.

You know what that means,
don't you?

Cheaters love to use
the word "unpassable."

Usually it's just bullshit,
you know?

A way to justify what we do.
In this case, however...

we truly were dealing
with an unpassable test.

You do the eyeball,
I'll do the crisis.

Which crisis?
"lf they're your friends,
they'll understand."

I don't like that one, man.
It's gross.
It works.
The best way
to distract a teacher...

is to manufacture
a teen identity crisis.

Mr. Harkin?
Can I talk to you a minute?
Sure, Handsome.
Now, I could have exploited
my parents' divorce...

or faked an eating disorder,
but I knew an even better way...

to grab Mr. Harkin's attention.
when I'm in
the locker room, and...

everybody gets...