But you have to promise me
you'll start being cool again.

I promise.
What are you doing here?
Helping Sammy study.
What are you doing here?

The same.
I never really
understood Julie.

I mean, she actually
believed that hard work...

and determination would pay off.
What a sucker.

What are you looking at?
A woman.
It seems like only yesterday
she was just a girl, but now...

she's a woman.
I don't know if it was
because of Julie...

or Mrs. Stark or what,
but Sammy started to change...

and I was not about
to let that happen.

Hey, man. What's up?
Why weren't you
at the review today?

I told you I had
a doctor's appointment.

A doctor's appointment.
I get it.

You're not going to school
tomorrow, are you?

You're gonna fake sick.
You're gonna retest.

It's the lowest form
of cheating.

I would never do the sick cheat.
I despise the sick cheat.

I'm just using Julie's notes
to help me study.

She takes great notes.
So you must know it cold
by now then.

Yeah, I wish.
Well, let me give you
a few pointers.

"A." Excuse me. "B...
"D, D, A, B."