Drop it already.
The letters are fine.

We need Applebee.
It's not too late.

Forget about the crib sheets.
This is multiple choice.

-This is cake.

What if Victor mis-sequenced
on the eyeball?

Hey! How do I know you didn't
mis-sequence on the crib sheets?

Applebee never mis-sequenced.
Who's Applebee?
-Come on!

Look, nobody mis-sequenced.
This is business.
And today...
we do it without Applebee.
You have 45 minutes.
There will be
no bathroom breaks.

You have 40 minutes.
There will be
no bathroom breaks.

When I say, "Pencils down..."
All pencils must be down.
Turn your papers over.
Time to begin.
You may begin.
OK, first of all,
you gotta remember...

never to sit next to somebody
that you're cheating with.

It looks too suspicious.
And then there's crib sheets.
Crib sheets are a tricky thing,
but I swear by them.

Never write on your body.
Never write on your clothing.

You always have to be able
to destroy the evidence...

at a moment's notice.
Now when you're done
copying off your sheet...

just keep looking busy.
All right.
Pencils down, everyone.
Pass your papers forward.
And perhaps most importantly,
always get a couple wrong.

Always leave a couple blank.
Never--and I mean never--
get 100%.