OK, first of all,
you gotta remember...

never to sit next to somebody
that you're cheating with.

It looks too suspicious.
And then there's crib sheets.
Crib sheets are a tricky thing,
but I swear by them.

Never write on your body.
Never write on your clothing.

You always have to be able
to destroy the evidence...

at a moment's notice.
Now when you're done
copying off your sheet...

just keep looking busy.
All right.
Pencils down, everyone.
Pass your papers forward.
And perhaps most importantly,
always get a couple wrong.

Always leave a couple blank.
Never--and I mean never--
get 100%.

You made me fail.
I made myself fail.
I exhibited
unprofessional behavior.

Look, my cribbing skills
are worthless without you guys.

I have finished
grading your exams...

but first I would like to see
the following students outside:

Sammy Green, Handsome Davis,
and Victor Barone.