Was Hampston involved?
No, not at all.
You're certain?
Yeah. He's a good kid.
He's just a little
confused right now.

But he knows his physics.
All right, then.
It's time to get ugly.

What do you think she'll do?
I shouldn't be talking to you.
That excites you, doesn't it?
Do you want to go out
for a drink?

What happened? What happened?
Oh, well, look who it is.
The great leader of men.
Just tell me what happened.
I'll take it right now!
That was awesome, Handsome.
You're the man!
You're the man, Handsome!

You know, she's sending out
red letters...

with their transcripts.
This is serious.

No, it's not. Julie,
both you and I know...

that there's no such thing
as a permanent record.

Oh, that's right.
It's just something
they invented...

to get inside your head with.
The greatest hoax...

in the history of
institutionalized education...

Stop it!
is the myth
of the permanent record.

Now, Stark's biggest threat...
was that she could keep us
out of college.

See, a red letter
on your permanent record...

meant that no college would
even consider your application.

Look, I am really sorry
about the red letter.

Please just pick up the phone.
By the way, in case
you were wondering...

who this is, this is Handsome.
Handsome Davis.
We met in kindergarten.

I was the kid with
the chicken pox. Dot-face.